For the past 10 years CakeStar has consumed my life and been a special part of the lives of so many people in our community. We've created countless masterpieces in cake, from thousands of tiny but precious cupcakes each week, to some of the biggest and grandest cakes in the country for socialites, royalty, celebrities, government departments, the Gallery of Modern Art, Ferrari, Chanel and valued customers accumulated over these years of dedication to the art of cake.

Thank you to everyone who has allowed me to practice my craft... But I need a break.

I've made the decision to close CakeStar and open a new chapter in my life. Watch and see, this little shop has a will of its own and I'm confident that you will soon see someone who is energetic, passionate about cake and ready to give 10 years of their life come in and it will spring back to life instantly. Please keep the webpage saved and follow on facebook at to keep updated.


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